Johnson's Backyard Garden

Brand Identity, Package Design, Web

Brenton Johnson is a motivated man. In his younger days, he followed the Grateful Dead and sold "sexy garlic grilled cheese" to fund his fandom. While working as a water conservation engineer, he spent his downtime learning everything he could to become a farmer. In 2004, he quit that job, started an organic farm in his own 1,000 square foot backyard and started delivering produce to homes and markets all over Austin. It is now the most successful Community Supported Agriculture farm in the Southwest United States, run by volunteers and a growing farm crew. He started FarmShare, a nonprofit to inspire and teach a younger generation to become the future farmers of the world. He won't stop anytime soon. LAND worked closely with Brenton to create branding for his farm that reflected his energetic spirit and break the mold of the bland, granola world of organic branding.

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